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Since 2008
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About Paramount Transport Group
Trust is a necessary basis for the successful development of any company.
For many years, customers have trusted us with their cargoes and implemented their plans, relying on reliable cooperation.
Our team is a team of professionals who understand the needs of partners and are ready to provide support at any stage of transportation.
Pramount Transport Group provides comprehensive international logistics services,
promptly responding to the new conditions of international trade.

We are open for cooperation and are always ready to provide good quality service on favorable terms.
> 14 years
> 250 000
On the market
Tons of cargo delivered annually
Customers arount the world
Agent offices on three continents
Our experience
Import deliveries to Russia
Good rates
Our rates are lower because we work directly with the owners of ships, railway platforms and containers, we have our professional team of forwarders, operational employees and declarants
We will offer the best route, taking into account the geographical location,
new conditions and sanctions, using an agent network in Southeast Asia, the EU, Iran and Turkey
All in rate
We will help you choose a supplier and conclude a contract, draw up the necessary documents,
help with solving financial issues and bring the goods to your warehouse
Export deliveries from Russia
Route development in a short time
We will select the best route in the new conditions of international trade and sanctions (railway to South East Asia, along the North-South route through Iran, railroad to Europe)
Registration and permits
We will register your company as a participant in foreign economic activity,
issue the export documents and give detailed advice on consulting issues
Signing of an international contract
We will help to draw up a contract with a foreign supplier,
agree on the details and terms of delivery, using new tools in real conditions
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